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Fund Performance

7-Day Average Rate* as of 07-10-2024

  • 4M Liquid Asset Class


  • 4M PLUS Class


  • 4M LTD FundNet Market Yield**


  • Investment rates shown are after fees are subtracted.

*The 7-Day Average Rate refers to income generated over the previous 7-day period; the income is then annualized.

**Net Market Yield: The yield-to-worst after deducting portfolio expenses. Sources: Bloomberg, PMA Financial Network, LLC, and PMA Asset Management, LLC.

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The 4M Fund is a cash management and investment program sponsored and governed by the League of Minnesota Cities and customized to meet the needs of Minnesota cities, special districts, and other public entities.

The 4M Fund provides safety, daily liquidity, and highly competitive yields with:

  • Professional investment management through three funds — the Liquid Asset Class, the PLUS Class, and the 4M Limited Term Duration (4M LTD) Fund, a longer-term investment option.
  • A wide range of fixed term investments through the Fixed Rate Program.
  • Complementary investment services.

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