The League of Minnesota Cities established the Minnesota Municipal Money Market Fund, the 4M Fund, in 1987 as a special cash management program to meet the short and long-term investment needs of Minnesota cities, special districts, and other municipal entities.

As a pooled asset fund allowable under Minnesota statutes, the 4M Fund brings Minnesota cities and other municipal-related public organizations together to create true buying power for investments. The 4M Fund not only offers excellence in investing, but in service as well. The 4M Fund team understands the needs of cities and the people behind them.

Governed by the 4M Fund Board of Trustees, the 4M Fund is accountable to local officials who work with Minnesota cities every day. As cities’ needs change, the 4M Fund is there to meet the demands of a changing environment.

Safety. Service. Performance.

These are the guiding principles of the 4M Fund. Comprised of top-quality, highly rated investments combined with a dedicated customer service team and the benefits of a pooled asset fund, this is the safety, service, and performance Minnesota cities expect.

The 4M Fund Team

The 4M Fund is governed and managed by a uniquely qualified team of experienced professionals:

  • The 4M Fund Board of Trustees oversees all decisions and strategic planning for the Fund. Comprised of the League of Minnesota Cities Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees is a dedicated group of mayors, city council members, city administrators, and staff who work with Minnesota public entities every day.
  • The 4M Fund Advisory Committee is made up of nine city officials who represent program participants and make recommendations about the 4M Fund’s investments and operations to the 4M Fund Board of Trustees.
  • The League of Minnesota Cities Executive Director, General Counsel, and Finance Director are also part of the team.
  • PMA Financial Network, LLC (PMA) serves as the Fund’s administrator, a group of administrative and investment professionals who manage the daily operations including the accounting and reporting processes, the online access system, and toll-free call center.
  • PMA Asset Management, LLC, under the direction of PMA, provides investment advisory services for the 4M Fund.
  • PMA Securities, LLC provides marketing services to the 4M Fund.
  • U.S. Bank, N.A. provides custodial services to the 4M Fund.

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