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Investment Options & Services

The 4M Fund is a cash management and investment program customized to meet the needs of Minnesota cities, special districts and other public entities.

Sponsored and governed by the League of Minnesota Cities since 1987, the 4M Fund is a trusted partner that meets all requirements of Minnesota statutes for the investment of public funds.

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Benefits and Features of the 4M Fund

The 4M Fund provides safety, daily liquidity, and highly competitive yields, and offers more benefits than your local bank or other investment options, including:

  • AAAm rating from Standard & Poor’s.
  • Competitive interest rates and reduced banking fees.
  • Dedicated customer service team knowledgeable about public finance.
  • No minimum balances/deposits/withdrawal limitations.
  • Unlimited sub-accounts.
  • Direct deposit of all state aids.
  • Free or low-cost checking and check printing for most participants.
  • Customized investment accounting.
  • Online access and multiple transaction and reporting options.
  • Wide range of investment options.

4M Fund Investment Options

The 4M Fund offers a variety of options to invest public funds, from daily cash management to short and long-term investments, including:

  • 4M Liquid Asset Class — An overnight money market option providing access to reduced-cost banking services.
  • 4M PLUS Class — A slightly longer-term money market option with an enhanced yield.
  • 4M Limited Term Duration (4M LTD) Fund — An option that provides excess income over money market and deposit products while maintaining limited price.
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  • Term Series Investment Pools — A short-term investment option that seeks higher yields with a fixed rate of return that doesn’t fluctuate. Each term series has a fixed maturity date between 1 and 397 days to meet your specific needs.

Complementary Investment Services

Participants in the 4M Fund have access to these additional services offered by PMA Financial Network, and affiliated entities:

For more information about 4M Fund investment options and services, contact the 4M Fund Administrator.

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